Recent Interviews & Mentions

Dallas Voice, “Time To Forgive Ex-Gays” by Kevin Thomas

HuffPost Gay Voices, “Randy Thomas, Former VP Of Ex-Gay Group Exodus International, Apologizes To LGBT Community

The Advocate, “Former Ex-Gay Staffer Apologizes to LGBT Community” by Jase Peeples

The Blaze, ”Exodus Leader Explains Why Gay Ministry is Ending Its “War With Culture” and Details “God’s” Creative Intent for Sexuality“ by Billy Hallowell

The Colorado Independent, “Group That Sought ‘Cure’ for Same-Sex Attraction Does an About-Face” by Tessa Cheek

The Tennessean, “Exodus International apologizes, does about-face on ex-gay ministry” by Heidi Hall

I didn’t interview but was mentioned in the Baptist Press articleExodus Int’l closes after Chambers’ apology” by Erin Roach and in the Christianity Today article “After Exodus: Evangelicals React as Ex-Gay Ministry Starts Over” by Melissa Stefan

Commentary & Guest Blog Posts

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Vagabond RunYou Hold Me Now

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Book Contributions

The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality

Joe Dallas and Nancy Heche / I made contributions concerning the “Post-gay paradigm”

God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door

Alan Chambers / I am a contributing author

The Good Life

Charles Colson / my testimony is featured in Chapter 21

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