Christmas Cards! Let’s Start With a Beautiful Grace Card

grace card-1
Where my single peeps at? Listen up! Sometimes the holiday’s can emphasize alone-ness. Maybe not “lonely”, maybe so, but that’s not exactly what I am talking about. I am talking about that many of us don’t wake up with a pack of kids racing toward the Christmas tree… and it can look a little sparse under there.

One thing I started doing a long time ago is to put my Christmas cards under the tree! Some folks put them on the tree or fake presents (empty wrapped boxes) under the tree. That’s cool. Whatever works for you. For me empty boxes are pretty but … empty :). And I like the symbolism of the beautiful tree “covering” my family, friends, and loved ones. Now, when I look under the tree my heart isn’t just filled with my beautiful and sparsely populated Christmas Tree skirt thingy, it’s filled with pictures and messages from loved ones. :)

Health & Fitness Update: WhatchooSay WeightWatchers!

I wasn’t looking forward to my health and fitness update this morning. Kind of slow to the scales this AM. See, a few times this week, I had eaten normal foods that really aren’t Weight Watchers points friendly; more on that in a minute. So, I climbed the whole quarter inch from the floor to the top of my electronic scale and BLAM! It blew up! … just kidding… this happened:


I lost another 1.8 lbs for a total of 26.6 pounds lost since August 24th! I got my 25 lbs BLUE STAR I and am only one ounce away from my next goal weight (which is not the same as my final goal weight.) I was shocked.

The Healing Hurts More Than The Initial Wound

Homemade Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Pie = Yum!

Monday: Homemade Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Pie = Yum!

Monday I baked a super delicious pie for a Christmas party I went to Monday night. During the battle baking of said super delicious pie … I burned my hand.

Now, I am not proud of this, but when I am battling the Big Ass Spiders I sometimes will carpet F* Bomb RandyThomasHQ. It seems the F* Bomb comes readily to the fore when I am angry or afraid. However, for whatever reason, a different word comes vaulting out of my mouth when it comes to pain. That word rhymes with “whit.”

So when I hit my hand against the 375 degree oven rack I felt a very sharp pain and said something that rhymed with, “OH WHITTY WHIT WHIT! AAAAHHH WHAT THE WHIT!!!!”

Again, not proud of it, just dutifully reporting the facts.

For about a minute I wondered if it was a serious burn. But, it honestly stopped hurting and didn’t look like much at all. Until the next morning.

A Christmas Wish from One Blog Reader to Another (Fundraising Campaign)

I got this message via Facebook about a half hour ago from a dear friend Anita. I am speechless and blessed. Thank you Anita.

Randy, I would like to extend a Christmas wish to your friends and followers….

Friends and followers of our dear friend Randy,

I know this is a very financially trying time of year for most of us. There are angel trees, bells ringing, needy church families, soliciting phone calls , etc, that are all pulling at our pocket books and heart strings. And all very deserving as well. I don’t have the resources to help everyone, I wish I did, but I can help a little to help with much.

That is what I think Randy is , he is one person chosen by God to help many. He was an answer to my prayer nearly 15 years ago. I have followed him from Texas to Florida, watched him obey and follow Gods lead for his life and give and take so much to do so. I recently read one of his blogs where he is open about his finances, (how difficult is that to put out there). I have been blessed so much over the years by his blogs. As I read them , I am inspired, motivated , moved, laughing out loud, crying, or mulling over his points. My wish is that we all pull together to help him with a burden , to give him a gift of love and support from our hearts and pocketbook.

The goal is $2000 dollars by Christmas eve , a lot yes at this time. But here again , just a little can help much when we all pitch in . I see over a thousand friends and followers, so will you please join me in blessing Randy as he blesses us. He is one but what he does spreads across many. Please pray and if you are lead , donate with me.

Sincerely and wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Anita G.
Garland, Tx

My Crazy Schedule

My life is a bit crazy this week with clients issues, party, friend coming into town. Many plates are a spinnin’!  In an hour or so I travel to the other side of metro Orlando to pick up a great friend at the airport (Kathy) and run around all day with her. Then have meetings and dinner with her and the Chambers Tribe.

I have lots I want to blog about but not much time to do so. More posts are coming soon!

Confronting An East Texas Goliath

We pulled up to a one room east Texas Baptist church. We, three of us, were in my friends Honda Accord. As we parked, I saw a bunch of good ‘ol boys draped all over a beat up Ford truck in front of the smallest church ever. They stared stoically as we pulled up, and I said before getting out of the car, “Oh Jesus, I think we are going to die.”

Jesus responded, clearly, and said, “Stop it, you are not going to die and those are your brothers.”

Yes, sir … Jesus…sir.

Earlier that week I had gotten a call from their Pastor. He had a very strong Texas twang. He said that he simply didn’t know what to do with a situation that had happened. Recently the police had executed a park sting (arresting gay people having sex, or attempting to have sex, out in the parks.) They had arrested two men in this Pastor’s church. With deep emotion he said;

I know what I have been taught about homosexuality; that it is an abomination …” and his voice wavered a bit, “but I have known both these men since they were kids. They grew up in this church. We don’t know what to do or what to think. We need you to come talk to us.

Of course I agreed without hesitation.

Until I hung up the phone.

This church had about 80+ members and maybe 30 of them attended each Sunday. The two men were regular attendees. This church was also in east Texas; an allegedly dangerous land. From what I had heard, East Texas is not very hospitable to people with same-sex attractions. So the thought of driving to East Texas, to talk to a small Baptist church that referred to homosexuality as an abomination, share my testimony, and do a Q&A with the congregation was intimidating.

Then there was the large crowd of Good ‘Ol Boys hanging out front waiting on us to arrive.

Health & Fitness Update: Lost My Turkey Weight! … and some!

Happy Healthy and Fit Saturday! Here is my weekly health update:


Graphic Credit: Weight Watchers and my disappearing body fat.

Since my last weigh in a week ago I have lost … 3.4 lbs! That means I lost the 2.4 pounds I gained during Turkey Week and some! This makes me a Happa Randa.

Relational Grace for Grumpa Randa

abstract 5

Over the past couple of days I have made it known to a few close friends that my relational life (in every way) is not doing so hot. Actually I said my relational life is kind of sh**ty. I can say that with these folks because they love me. I hope you still do :). I felt out of sorts, a little displaced, and obviously a grumpa randa about it all.

Well, obviously they have prayed; I have been in quality email conversations, Facebook chats, a great lunch appointment with one of my closest friends, on the phone for over two hours solid, texting, working with clients, brainstorming various projects with folks, checking in on a few friends that kept coming to mind, stopped by Starbucks for the first time in what seems like forever, sent an “are we cool?” email to someone I was a little concerned about, making plans to see a dear friend while she is in town next week … I have literally been “relational” online and off for about 12 solid hours now.

Love it. Totally smiling now.

And in the midst of all that I have two rough drafts of blog posts done with ideas for a few more.

Double Love it. Double smiles.