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More On Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party

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My last Occupy Wall Street post caused a bit of a brouhaha on Facebook. In that post I did try to point out that the OWS crowd does have some legitimate underlying criticism.  Some of that legitimate criticism echoed back to what I heard when I went and participated in a couple of tea-party protests in 2009. I wrote that one difference is that the OWS crowd singled out corporate America as The Big Evil (my description) and the Tea Party crowd singled out the government as The Big Evil.

I also pondered that perhaps it would best serve all the people to realize that corporate greed and big government corruption have worked hand in hand to create The Big Evil.  However, the Mainstream Media is having a hey-day dividing Americans along the lines of peripheral culture war battles that distract from the real problems.

For example, how many times have you heard this is about Marxists vs. Capitalists? A lot of people would like for that to be the case and are seeking to hijack the momentum of both the Tea Party and the OWS to make it solely about those governing philosophies. Don’t get me wrong, there is that battle within the mix but to the problem at hand, the gut-wrenching truth is … we have greedy corporations sucking every last penny out of our wallets and a corrupt government that puts its own self-preservation and special interests above the needs of the people.  Big Brother is sleeping with Big Business and while they might have a lovers quarrel from time to time… they are making each other very very very rich. It isn’t just about honest people making a lot of money, it is about systemic greed and its consequences.  When they, Big Brother and Big Business, aren’t cozying up to one another, they start blaming their problems on convenient boogeymen that bolster their own group think or social agendas.

Instead of truthfully balancing their own budgets and owning the consequences of their greedy and stupid (illegal? … immoral?) mistakes they distract us with a battle between Marxists vs. Capitalists that doesn’t actually exist yet.

… notice the use of the word “yet.”

Maybe it would help to stop obsessing over idealistic utopias that don’t exist and are not around the corner. We have very real, tangible, right there in your face problem. If everyone keeps acting selfishly and pointing to idealistic wishful thinking, soon we will all be gathered around camp-fires eating squirrel jerky and telling stories of the old days when we had a bank account, running water and could get access to the Internet over fancy coffee.

Let me make it clear, I am a Christian.  Some accurate secondary descriptions would be; a great dancer, conservative, capitalist, carnivore, and increasingly rabid X factor fan… among other things.

I give the disclaimer above because even with all that I am looking at the root problems and I not only see thousands of OWS protestors around the country having a few valid points … they echo the valid points of two years ago. A smart and wise leader(s) would see this and rise up to help the country find our way back from the brink.  And it can’t be just political leaders, it has to be corporate and church leaders as well.

Notice, no mention of celebrities.  That was on purpose. I think we have heard more than enough from them.

I’ve said it several times and I will say it again. Both Republicans and Democrats will be shocked in 2012. I still believe that. I will only add that corporate America will get a rude wake up call too.

To my fellow Christians, I think we must look through and past all of this to the individual soul and God’s “big picture.” Christianity has survived and flourished within every kind of human government put in place since the time of Christ.  There is a bigger picture than our current travails. It doesn’t discount the current crisis but it does put things in proper perspective. God is not limited to a particular social or economic system.  I also personally believe that God is as interested in the OWS crowd as He is with the Tea Party crowd.  If you are not praying for the souls involved … you really have no right (in my humble opinion) to complain about them.

The Golden rule says, “Love God with your whole being and love your neighbor as yourself.”  Those loud youngin’s are Americans, they are literally our neighbors. We can love them by praying, listening and modeling good stewardship in the midst of hardship. We will honor God by doing the same.


Now, here is a list of articles that … while definitely slanted and in some cases offensive (to me even) I found them contributing in some ways to round out the big picture.

Mark Cuban talks about “the big lie.” Michelle Malkin blogs about the cost of OWS. Joe Carter asks, “What Would Jesus Occupy?” and Business Insider has a very eye-opening slide-show about “Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters are So Angry About.” Rod Dreher has two excellent posts: Some Thoughts On Conservative Christianity and Occupy Wall Street and OWS as a Projection of Our Own Desires.

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  1. imo it's not that ows doesn't see the gov as a problem. Instead it's more about not seeing them as a solution to the problem of corporate greed. idk, there seems to be mixed messages for sure. And like any power, everyone's trying to use it to further their own personal agendas… The real question I have is whether the American people have the power and influence to make positive changes anymore. We'll see.

  2. What I don't get is this… since Canadians tend to look at American media and American culture they make a big mistake by making American governmental and social problems the same as Canada's governmental and social problems when the two are just not comparable… I saw a similar protest on the streets of Vancouver… I heard the same cry of the so-called 99% and corporate greed etc when really Canadian statistics would probably make every American citizen tell us Canadians to start complaining when there really is something to complain about. We have it good in Canada in many ways and our system is closer compared to that of Socialism. And since there isn't much to complain about I think it's a bit ridiculous when Canadians think that the problems in the States are the exact problems we have in Canada, not that Canada doesn't have problems they're just different and it's nothing really for us to have this kind of protest but we did have the protest here nonetheless.

    I'm just glad that Vancouver got through a massive protest without a riot! As it turns out we only riot when the Canucks lose the Stanley Cup Playoffs :)

    That all said, I really do think that the average American does have a legitimate reason to protest in this way, certainly you have more reason in the States to protest then we have in Canada… I found your link with Big Brother and Big Business an interesting link. I never thought of it quite like that before.

  3. Shawn says:

    You could just as easily substitute Corp vs Ppl w Church vs Gays and everything you said would follow perfectly.

    • Randy Thomas says:

      Actually it wouldn't. Corp vs Ppl (people?) is addressed in this post but people who identify as gay trying to redefine the Christian faith is almost a completely different matter.

      I say identify as gay because not everyone who has, or had, same-sex attractions identifies that way.

      It's interesting how you are obsessed with inserting sexual identity politics into every topic. Aren't you more than that one issue? If so, we might have more to talk about than that single issue … which would possibly allow more of your comments to go through.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I'm going to play the role of the consummate intellect on this thread by saying, 'Squirrel jerky?' HA!! You sure know how to paint a picture with words!!


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