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As a part of job responsibilities, I’ve often supervised and worked on projects with consultants and contractors. Time and again the values I appreciated most were honesty, humility and direct communication. I hired consultants after determining they could meet my expectations, stay within a certain budget and not promise more than they could actually provide.

It is with those sensibilities that I offer my own online consulting services.

Main Commitments

  • I will work efficiently and honestly, being a good steward of your time and money.
  • I will regularly communicate.
  • I will prioritize the functionality of everything I create.
  • I will help you discover your clear and intentional message by asking penetrating and relevant questions and listening intently.
  • I will help you focus your message in light of your target audiences and communicate it frequently, consistently and powerfully through the variety of online means you choose.
  • I will exceed your expectations.

I offer …

  • what most individuals, ministries or small businesses need for creating, improving or expanding their online/web presence.
  • over 14 years of online community building experience.
  • experience creating websites and blogs for individuals, ministries and small businesses (including this one).
  • proficiency integrating social networking with personal blogs, small businesses and ministry websites.
  • personalized detailing to make clients’ web presence match and promote their vision and mission.
  • personal audio and video recording and editing for various needs including podcasts and vlogging (video blogging).
  • writing and editing strengths and experiences. I have contributed to several books, websites, print pieces and blogs over the years, writing hundreds if not thousands of individual entries. I easily communicate my passion with clear, engaging and creative writing. My skills also allow me to learn other people’s styles well enough to ghostwrite for them.
  • audio and video editing.
  • graphic design, including creating original graphics. I’m not an expert in this area … yet. . I know my limits and will not hesitate to tell you if something you want to accomplish with graphics is outside of my skillset. I’m gaining skill weekly and, for a fee, I can bring in others to help make sure a client’s expectations are met.

What you won’t get …

What you won’t get is someone who can program a website that will launch a space shuttle . Maybe someday! That stated, you won’t be paying me through the nose for that level of programming or customization either.

Pricing – Building a website or blog

To build a website OR blog I charge $300-$500 depending on complexity and includes eight full work hours. In addition, you will need to cover the costs of integral and ongoing expenses such as webhosting and purchasing domain names (URLs).This introductory time frame/price typically includes:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the vision for your web presence (e.g., website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or a combination) and to develop a strategy for installation, design and launch. This meeting can take place in person, over Skype or by phone.
  • Installation of WordPress on your web-hosting account, which I can create for you if necessary. I will recommend Media Temple (MT) because it’s the best with regard to service time, ease of use and customer service.
  • Directing and configuring the URL to your WordPress installation.
  • Installing a StudioPress WordPress Theme of your choice. There is no extra charge for this type of theme. If you prefer another premium theme developed by a myriad of other theme template companies, you will need to buy that theme and email me the download link or zip file.
  • Creating a navigation structure for your site (e.g., top and/or sidebar).
  • Installing static graphics provided by the client.
  • Designing static pages with content provided by client (example: “About” page, “Contact Us” page … anything you want page ).
  • Integrating social media icons and share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and/or other social networks. I can help with creating these accounts and Facebook pages, if needed, for an additional fee. For instance, if you’re already using these, you’ll want to make sure their branding is similar to the new blog and/or website we create. Improvements may be necessary.
  • Creating vibrant and dynamic content streams (blogging) for the owner* to add to once the install is complete.
  • Training on how to use, add to and promote your new website/blog and social networks.

If design and/or content expectations make it clear that eight hours won’t be enough time to finish the project, clients will be informed in advance and a second agreement will be reached for the additional hours.

Pricing – Ongoing maintenance

If you’re also interested in hiring me for ongoing web maintenance, writing/editing content (or general content managment), or multiple installs,we will negotiate an ongoing per month flat rate.

If you have questions or are in need of these types of services, please contact me so we can discuss the possibility of working together. I look forward to talking with you.

Allow me the privilege of discovering your vision and talent … then amplifying it online. That’s my vision and talent.

Current Clients

Past Clients

Confidential Clients

The above lists of clients are publicized with permission. Some of my clients have chosen to keep my work with them confidential for various reasons. If you are a potential client, and want to maintain confidentiality, I completely respect that decision and will work with you to make sure you feel that your identity and content is stewarded in a way you are comfortable with.


I also get support for my blogging efforts. I love blogging. On my blog I express personal opinions, as most bloggers do :) and they do not reflect the views of anyone except myself unless clearly stated. Please do not assume that there is agreement on any matter between my ongoing/past clients and myself.

Contact me if I can help you with a new website and/or content management and social media. I’d love to help.

Please note: I love comments! I prefer civil discussion but don't mind a bit of "rowdy" dialog as long as it is honest. Extra points for reflective listening :). Also, please stay on topic. Thanks!

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