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Jack Yan, Publisher, Lucire

Randy Thomas is a naturally gifted artist. His work stems from deep inspiration, the artist compelled to work on each project to make it a reality. His art reflects that: it is neither contrived nor repetitive. While this website is a commercial one, the pieces are not created with a commercial aim. They are, in the purest sense, works designed to be shared so others feel the artist’s deeper emotions, and over the years he has been sharing them, at least digitally, with his close friends. While Randy Thomas is a well known blogger, who has little trouble with words, it’s his art that comes from his soul, a place where even the greatest wordsmith would fail in creating a sentence. I am proud to call him my friend.

Alan Chambers, President, Exodus International

Randy Thomas is a man of many talents.  His fun-loving approach to life challenges those who forget to have fun amidst even the most mundane of tasks.  Randy is a gifted writer, speaker, singer and counselor.  However, one of his most incredible talents lay in his ability to turn squiggly lines into amazing expressions of his deep and colorful soul.  God has given Randy a gift and Randy is now sharing it with the world.  My wife, Leslie, and our kids, are grateful recipients!

Author and Speaker, Rev. Joe Dallas writes:

Randy Thomas has consistently shown himself to be an innovator in communication, program/ project management, and staff building. In the years I’ve had the pleasure of being professionally associated with him, I‘ve admired his energetic people skills, which have enabled him to handle a variety of sensitive and even volatile personnel issues. He is also known for keen humor and general gregariousness, two qualities that have made him invaluable to the organizations he’s been aligned with. I have known him as a corporate leader in non-profit settings, and as a creative talent in seminar and literary efforts, and never have I seen a Randy that I didn’t admire and appreciate. He makes his mark, and can be relied on for quality and cooperation.

Please feel free to contact me personally in regards to Randy.

Chad Ahrendt, Director of the Movie “Reconciliation

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Randy Thomas over the past year while collaborating with him on a Discussion Guide to accompany our movie. First and foremost he is a man pursuing a daily relationship with his Savior, Jesus Christ, which is evident by his kindhearted persona.  Randy is a talented writer, counselor, public speaker and artist who uses his gifts to provoke thought and reach people on a deeper level.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention he’s an absolute delight to be around because he brightens up any room with his smile and love for people.

Clint ClinePresident and Creative Director, Design4

I had the good fortune to work with Randy when we helped Exodus with several national campaigns. I found him to highly personable, extremely well-versed and knowledgable, and a great help in providing honest feedback.

I can heartily endorse Randy as a client, colleague, and a friend.

Ray Bonis, Director of Sales, Axiom SFD

Randy was brought on for a consulting engagement for a blog I was attempting to setup. He listened to all my ideas then came back with recommendations and a course of action to take it from the drawing board to production. He was instrumental in walking us through each step of the process including design and implementation as well as the technical aspects of it (Hosting etc). His work ethic is only surpassed by his amazing creativity, subject matter expertise, and impeccable integrity. Randy was not shy about pointing out where my ideas were out of sync with the vision of what I was trying to create. His honest and direct approach was/is refreshing and he was worth every penny we spent. Randy is an expert in the realm of social media and web design and I am looking forward to our 2011 projects and engaging Randy again to help us maximize our efforts.

On  a lighter but just as appreciated note :
My Friend Mike Ensley writes:

I believe Randy Thomas to be the best blogger of the new century. His strong (and knowledgeable) opinions are well-balanced by his kindness and wit. Whenever it’s at all possible, Randy seeks to find some happy common ground with those who disagree with him. Even they can’t help but call him a friend!

I also know for a fact that Randy drinks all eight recommended glasses of water each day. If you take Randy on a roller-coaster, he makes the only sound which can be heard in space–where it was previously believed there was no sound. He sleeps with a teddy bear, but only because Princess Di’s final will and testament requires him to do so. Reincarnation doesn’t exist, but be that as it may, I’m convinced that one of our country’s first presidents was actually Randy Thomas. This may be attributed to the fact that Randy has traveled through time twice, which is also the reason we have leap years (long story).

Thank you all for your kind words :).

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